Exams and Class Awards


Some people question the idea of exams thinking it’s too much stress for their children. Here are some reasons why exams are valuable to your children and you as parents.

1. Ballet and modern classes are taught in a safe and caring environment. Our aim is, your children to achieve their best until the end of the school year. By December the teachers can determine which children can participate in the exams or the class awards. As a rule newcomers do not enter for exams, unless the child has reached exam level and permission has been given by Mrs. Lisa. In exams children are assessed by an examiner in a detailed breakdown based on certain criteria and receive certificates and medals whereas in the class awards the examiner assess the child in a broad indication of standard but still receives a certificate and medal. By the end of the year, assuming that the child has not been missing classes, the child should feel confidence and excitement for her / his exams.
2. We at Ballet Arts try to help your child feel no anxiety over her exams. These should be a presentation of their work and must be enjoyed. Having done these exams children’s anxiety over academic exams seems to minimize and they feel more positive about themselves.
3. For you the parent exams are very important for another important reason, checking out the quality and level of the school. Through the RAD and ISTD exams both organizations assess not only your child’s work but also the teachers.
4. Through the exams you can keep track of your child’s dancing education. Both the RAD and ISTD are organizations that you can trust.
5. The RAD is globally known, expanding in 79 countries and still growing. For families that need to move countries this system is an excellent choice, not only because is so well structured but also because you can find an RAD school just about everywhere. If your child has done grade 2 in Australia they can continue grade 3 in Greece and then the following year grade 4 in the States!
6. All of your children’s certificates should be added in their CV. These of course are very important for entry in universities and compulsory to enter universities for a dance degree.
7. The preschool children can demonstrate their work in front of an examiner but are not assessed at all. They all receive a certificate and written comments by their teacher. The pre primary in dance is a class award. In Primary in Dance up to grade 5 there is a choice of an exam or a class award. All higher levels are only exams.