1. No men are allowed in the changing rooms.
  2. No eating within the school. Especially no crackers, biscuits, juices etc. This does not apply to those with hypoglycemia or diabetes.
  3. Keep quiet at all times, especially in the dressing room and in the area outside of small studio.
  4. Please do not ask to watch your child’s class unless it’s necessary. If one parent enters the studio then almost certainly the rest of the children will start crying asking for their parents. Before class give your child a big smile and simply show her where you will be sitting. The teacher will open the door frequently to let the children see their parents. This will be done until everyone feels comfortably.
  5. If the teacher decides to keep the door open in the beginning, please refrain from looking inside. This will only delay the adjustment period.
  6. We would like to hear your comments. Discussing problems amongst yourselves won’t make us any better.
  7. If your child misses a class she can join another class of the same level, or join in a modern class. No refunds.
  8. If the school cancels a class then we shall schedule another one as soon as possible.
  9. The school fees are annual not monthly. December, January, April and June are paid in full.
  10. New students cannot participate in exams. They can participate only in class awards if they wish.
  11. If a child is absent from the school for two months cannot participate in exams.
  12. Students that enroll at Ballet Arts in December or later cannot enter for exams.

*Rules #10 & #11 may change if a child is approved by Mrs. Lisa