Warm up

Warm up, is extremely important before any form of exercise. In ballet we use warm-up to prepare the specific muscle groups we will use in the class. In this private time, the dancer has the opportunity for his own special warm-up where he warms and works the muscles, and joints he needs the most  in addition to his general warm-up

During warm-up we succeed in the following:

– achieve optimal performance of the entire musculoskeletal system during class

-to increase body temperature and prepare our muscular system to shift from its normal state to that of training.

– gradually increase the heart rate so as to increase the blood circulation to the muscles that will be used during exercise.

-Increases the elasticity of muscles and joints

-Reduce the risk of injury.

-It affects mood

Without warm-up exercise is risky and the results are unfortunately immediate, strain on the muscles or connective tissues, which can worsen over time and if you are lucky and not injured again you will feel its lack of, during class.

I’ve prepared a video that can be used as warm-up or body conditioning. My posture is not the best because of my many injuries. Exercise, however, protects me and keeps me going!

Please keep your abdomen and spine deep in the floor throughout the exercise while lying down. Start with a little jogging or walking on the spot. Combine it with any other exercises you want.

Have fun exercising!

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