Classical Ballet

The benefits of ballet are numerous. On our website’s blog, there is an article about the benefits of the art of ballet available for you to read.


Ballet for children 3-5 years old

Music, dance and … magic!

Creative fun accompanied by music. Music and movement, via appropriately structured classes that develop children’s physical abilities and encourage creativity, personal expression and musicality. Through fun, children will be prepared to transition to ballet and other dance styles at higher levels.

What they will learn:

– Move with coordination and confidence

– To better define their bodies and the way they move through space

– To understand music through their senses

– Express their feelings through movement

Dance to your own tune

Level Target Age
Level 1 2,5 – 3,5 years old
level 2 3,5 – 5 years old

Ballet for ages 5-20 years

The graded exams in the Dance Syllabus consist of three dance principles:

– Ballet – the fundamental and most important part of the programm

– Free Movement – influenced by and incorporating movements common to other dance forms such as Natural Movement, Modern and Classical Greek Dance

– Karakter – the theatrical presentation of ethnic dance with original ethnic dance and music adapted for the theatre. The three styles – Hungarian, Russian and Polish – were chosen because of their historical importance in the development of classical ballets in the 19th century.

Level of examination or presentation class Minimum age limit

Class Level Exam or Presentation Minimum Age Limit
Pre-Primary in Dance 5
Primary in Dance 6
Grades 1-5 7
Grades 6-8 & Intermediate Foundation 11
Discovering Repertoire επίπεδα 2, 3 και 4 12
Intermediate 12
Advanced Foundation 13
Advanced 1 14
Advanced 2 15


Pre-requisite for exams

Exam Pre-requisite diploma
Advanced Foundation Intermediate
Advanced 1 Intermediate
Advanced 2 Advanced 1

Ballet for adults

It’s never too late! In recent years we have noticed that more and more people are deciding to take up ballet at an older age.

Have you taken ballet in the past and want to … try it again? Do you just want to start now for the first time and enjoy the benefits of ballet? Try it! Start now and enjoy the physical strength and grace that this art can offer you.

Ballet for 60 years and older

This level has been developed for our older students so that they too can enjoy some of the benefits of ballet. Feel free to join and skyrocket your energy, improve your posture and coordination of movements in an environment of enchanting music and respect for the body.

Several studies, including the research published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, show us that physical exercise in general, but especially dance, has multiple benefits in older adults.

Overall, some evidence suggests that dancing could be an effective way to improve or maintain cognition in older people. The evidence suggests that exercise programs that promote coordination of movements have different effects on the brain compared to aerobic exercise designed to improve cardio-respiratory capacity.

The research also highlights the effect of dance on symptoms of depression. Regardless of learning a sequence of movements, the effect of socialization and music, a key part of dance, can trigger emotional experiences and physical responses, such as alertness, thus affecting the mindset.

The dancer’s mood is also improved through participation in a group, developing a group dynamic with other members.

Finally, in a group of older adults, it has been shown that the presence of music during physical exercise could improve cognitive performance.

Dancing is a wonderful gift for our older fellows who cared for us, raised us with efforts and love, leaving us with an emotional “dowry”. Our school has experienced dance teachers who will show the appropriate respect for the anatomical ability of people who want to experience the joy of dance at an older age.