Modern - Hip Hop - Musical


It is a type of dance that trains the dancer/student in different qualities (lyrical, jazz, musical, contemporary). At the same time it strengthens the body and teaches the dancer technique through a structure of exercises for the whole body.

The goal is, to have a dancer ready and well prepared for different types of dance.

Important here, is the dancer’s expression (performance) in which the dancer is trained in each class through improvisation, the different emotion exercises, and through the different qualities of the exercises.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop dancing has evolved into one of the most popular dance styles. It combines a variety of free dynamic movements, creating an art form particularly popular with teenagers and allowing them to improvise and showcase their personal expression. This art combines strength, momentum, balance and creativity. Over the years, various steps have become popular, such as: pops, chest pops and others, but the key element remains personal expression as students are able to improvise or perform a movement in their own way.

Give yourself a gift and start dancing. Not only is community and friendship promoted, but also a healthier body image and a focused mind. Create dance moves yourself, alone or with friends, and enjoy engaging with a newer dance art like hip hop.

It is widely accepted that hip hop began in the late 1960s and early 1970s in the neighborhoods of New York City. Dancers would take to the streets and dance to the beat intuitively. None of them had any dance training. Today it has officially evolved into a dance art form.


Free your movement and your body through contemporary dance!

Contemporary dance has dominated the world as one of the most important dance genres. It encourages creative freedom and artistic expression.

The words that express this kind of dance:

– Contraction

– Liberation

– Floor exercises

– Fall and recovery

– Improvisation

The syllabus (the syllabus) of the ISTD system, has been created by dancer and choreographer Dr Ross McKim and takes influence from choreographers Graham, Hawkins and Cohan. This syllabus helps students to gradually become familiar with the art of contemporary dance.

At Ballet arts we teach Contemporary ISTD syllabus, with elements of Graham, Contact and Commercial Contemporary for all ages.


Acting, singing and dancing! The theatre in all its glory…

Every year we have more and more students in this class. This kind of dance theatre, has started to win over young and old alike because of the multifaceted requirements (singing, dancing and acting). Abroad it is already very widespread in theatre and cinema.

In our musicals class our students have a great time. The magic of the music, the lyricism of the lyrics combined with the dance movements and the theatricality create a magical environment where we all learn sooner or later to relax…dynamically.

Indulge and be amazed. Musical loves all ages!



– Children (9 to 12 years old)

– Teenagers (from 13 to 21 years old)

– Adults (beginners and advanced)

Adult Musical